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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

naive MANIFESTO (I wrote this, 10 yrs. ago)

Just give me one day in a world that's not owned and operated by bloodsuckers
and thieves, one moment on the street without invisible walls between the people,
one night when love and discovery are unchained fron hidden eyes and the heavy
weight of the future, once chance to create life with freedom and spontaneity,
one glimpse of radiant light from the tranquil infinities of possibility, and
I will never turn back. When truth appears in a flash, the lies never look the
same again. Each moment of beauty makes the ugliness of daily life more apparent;
every wild night of adventure and passionate living makes every day of work and
struggle seem more like slow death in tiny increments. But a million pinpricks
can kill just as surely as a bullet in the head; every stolen moment, every little
defeat must be seen for what it is: a matter of life and death. If we are persistent, if we keep on returning to beauty and truth wherever we can find them, if we seek a way out of boredom and helplessness whenever possible and at any cost, we can transcend the grey world of money and meaningless responsibility, we can enter into a new world, a bright uncharted reality that has been calling us all along in the most beautiful moments; we can truly enter the realm of the LIVING and
leave "survival" behind once and for all. Just give me one chance to break free,
one shining moment when anything is possible, and I will disappear into the
ephemeral dream of children everywhere: "Never to grow old, never to die!"
GuyBlakeslee , written @ age 19 in the year 2000

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